Victor Dental

Maxwell-Galvan Medical and Dental is your one stop ‘Health Care’ location.
Victor Galvan has over 17 years of experience in the dental field, and speaks English and Spanish. 
We provide quality dental care and materials, and operate with the  highest professional standards and ethics.  No patient will ever be told they need something they don’t. 

Our policy is the best quality and a fair price.  Of course all work is guaranteed, and we provide free estimates.  

Victor Dental offers all dental services,  from cleanings to root canals and implants, and is absolutely mercury free, with no amalgam on the premises.


Dental Fees and Services  
1. Cleaning $ 30
2. Extraction   50
3. Root Canal   250
4. Porcelain crown (metal free)   350
5. Resin Fillings (no mercury)   50
6. Veneer   400
7. Relines   120
8. Plates   300
9. Partial Plates   550
10. Deep Cleaning   60 per quarter
11. Post   120
12. Implant (including surgery & prosthetic)   1200
13. Wisdom Tooth Simple Extraction
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery     
  100- 300
14. Bridge   (depends on number of units)  
Please Call Victor for an appointment at (928) 597-1132
or email to: