Why Medicare Has Not Developed a Basic Means for Detoxification


I have  read  and  reread   Dr. Collin’s editorial   in  the  November   issue  and each   time   it  seems   stranger.    The conclusion  that  I have  come to is that for  some  reason there  is  a  lack   of understanding  of  the  big  picture   in medicine.   Most  MD’s   who  really understand  medicine   and   its application   to  health   and   health- building  seldom ever need to prescribe pharmaceuticals   again.   Even  if they never   progress  to understanding   that there   is  only  one  solution   for  every disease,  that  is to build  health,  at least they  can  become  allopathic    ‘natural doctors’ and substitute  herbs  for drugs. This   is  what  much  of  ‘alternative medicine’    is   about   now.  Once   an individual  has  been  educated allopathic   ally  it  seems  difficult  for many  to  make  the  transition  to  a unified  understanding  of  health building.  Even the great  Dr. Gerson had this problem early in his career. He had a program  for people  to overcome TB. Obviously the  Gerson  program   is one of the  most  successful   health  building programs     ever.   The  fact  that  the immune system  could be built  up so as to naturally  take care of the  TB bacteria speaks  for itself.  Supposedly  the  story goes that  one day a woman  came to Dr, Gerson  with  terminal  cancer and wanted  to  go on his  program.  He said- his program  was for TB, not for cancer. Apparently   she persisted.   He relented and  the rest  is history  with  thousands of people   over  more  than  50  years recovering  from  a broad array  of conditions.  Because he was treating  the condition?  No, not  really. The  Gerson program  builds  health.

The fact that Dr. Collin wonders why medicine  hasn’t  developed  a  basic means  for detoxification  shows a naive understanding  of  what   modern medicine is all about. This has been said many   times,  but  here  it  is  again. Modern medicine  is largely  controlled  I and funded   by  the pharmaceutical companies.  They  are obviously only  interested in profit.  As  corporations they have no conscience. Nothing about right,  wrong,  honorable   or what’s  best for people.  Profit  is paramount.  Given the choice  between    designing    a  cure that  costs a one time let’s say  even $500 or a medication to control the symptoms that  costs   $1 a day  for the  rest of a person’s  life, business-wise, what  is the

The other  thing  to understand  is that there  is an  industry  built  around every  disease.  A self-perpetuating  and self-protecting industry  that will violently oppose  any  solution  to that disease.  Isn’t that obvious?  Medical doctors  who  practice   allopathic medicine  are merely  the pushers  for the pharmaceutical  industry.   Most have  no clue of this  and  honestly believe  they are  practicing   ‘scientific  medicine.’   Of course  I’m  not  discounting  all  of  allopathic  medicine  but their  treatment of degenerative  disease   could  be classified  as  criminally   negligent.    So why  would   any  ‘natural  doctor’   ever want   to  refer  a  patient  for  “standard medical  treatment  when  symptoms   and signs indicate  the  likelihood  of a poor
outcome”  from detoxification  or chelation.   What  does that  mean  really? Prescribe  drugs to  dim  down  a herxheimer reaction or what?   In  an emergency  anyone  would  have  to  be crazy  not  to send  someone  to the  local emergency  department  at  the  local hospital  as  soon  as  possible.    But  to direct  someone  back  into   ‘standard medicine’  without  a  life-threatening emergency.   I don’t  think   so!

Several   issues   ago  Dr. Gaby  wrote an editorial   on licensing   naturopaths.  It’s  nice that Dr.  Gaby thinks naturopathic  medicine  has  “something valuable   to offer the  American  people.” At  least  they  “learn  the  essentials  of  I history  taking  even  if they  don’t  have enough  training  in  pharmacology.”   I wonder   how  much   more   we  need   to know  than  what’s   in the’PDR  and  the Merck   manual?   The  fact  is  that naturopathic    medicine  as defined  in the state  of Arizona  can be full eclectic  21st century  medicine.  However  it’s  medical doctors  like  Drs.  Klinghardt   and Shelton  who  are  training  doctors  and pioneering   true  21st  century   medicine which obviously  must  focus  on getting to causes.   Their  classes   are  composed of doctors from all branches  of medicine, with no  hint   of  any  superiority  from anyone.  The fact  is that  there’s   a huge overlapping  in all  forms of medicine now  because  any  doctor  whether   MD, DO, ND (or NMD), OMD or DC,  must come to the obvious  conclusion  that  the common  denominators  of  all  disease conditions  are nutritional   deficiencies, jaw  problems   from  dental  materials, cavitations,  etc.,  heavy   metal   toxicity, environmental  toxins,  opportunistic infections  and  parasites.  Mental- emotional  aspects   must  be considered as well and  since  all  of us are  living  in a toxic   polluted     world   we  must  all practice   detoxification  protocols.

Let’s  all   work   together  for  the common  good  but   let’s   definitely not direct  people  back  to the  inadequacies of standard  allopathic  medicine   except for a life-threatening  emergency.

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