What Happened to the Chiropractic Philosophy of the Body’s Innate Intelligence?

In the May 1996 issue Dr. Cichoke says “Surely Chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal specialists.” Of course he’s absolutely right. In fact Chiropractors are now only considered Musculoskeletal Doctors. In 1993 I took an 11,000 mile trip around the US everywhere I went I made a point of checking ‘Yellow Page’ advertisements. Almost without exception they were for Musculoskeletal Pain, Sports Therapy and Low back Pain. What happened? In my opinion the once great profession of Chiropractic is doomed. No longer can Chiropractors be considered ‘Primary Care Physicians.’ Now they are merely super Physiotherapists. There are still many ‘Holistic’ Chiropractors who understand the philosophy and real scope of Chiropractic. Unfortunately they may literally be a dying breed. Since I am practicing in a resort town, I am visited by Chiropractors on vacation. It’s interesting talking to these people to get a real sense of what’s going on in the profession. It seems to me that what’s going on is this: In the name of’science’the Chiropractic Profession is trying to gain credibility with ‘mainstream’ medicine.

A couple of year’s ago I visited Los Angeles Chiropractic College. I sat in the auditorium with a couple of hundred students, listening to an extremely ignorant ‘professor’ tell the students ‘There’s nothing that Chiropractic can innocently explained that he had taken his wife to a Rheumatologist but the medication wasn’t helping, I almost fell off my chair. What is going on!

It seems that the new Chiropractic graduates aren’t even educated in any basic understanding of ‘only nature heals’, or the body is a self-regulating organism that always strives to maintain homeostasis etc. or even the Chiropractic philosophy of ‘Innate Intelligence’, Another fresh graduate (they ask me these questions I guess because I am also a Naturopath) asked me what I would suggest for his adult onset Diabetes. He said his Doctor hadn’t really explained much about dietary supplements. His Medical Doctor, that is. This is mind boggling!

Ironically, many of these recent grads are fanatical Gonstead practitioners. Having been to Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin and taken a class with the ‘master’ Clarence himself, I’m sure they would be amazed to know that only a small part of Dr. Gonstead’s practice was Musculoskeletal. They look at me strangely when I tell them that the referring Doctor in my home country of New Zealand, treated almost no musculoskeletal conditions. When I was about 15 years old my family ‘saw the light’ and switched from allopathic quackery to Chiropractic. My uncl was the first to go. Problem – Inner ear infections. One ‘Hole in one’ toggle and they were history. My dad went next. His problem was indigestion. Same treatment. ‘Toggle’ on a solid headpiece. No more problems. My mother had the beginnings of arthritis and was already taking cortisone. The adjustments ‘fixed’ it – no problem. All of this was done without any discussion of diet, or the addition of any supplements. They look me because I had recurring tonsillitis. I had been prescribed so many courses of antibiotics, the Doctor said they would take them out. I still have them. No more tonsillitis. Now I’m not suggesting that ‘straight’ Chiropractic has all the answers. Of course not. But Chiropractors used to be ‘family’ Doctors. I also hear that the reason Chiropractic has become ‘Musculoskeletal’ is because of insurance companies. Really? I don’t think so. I think it’s more because of individual greed and false concepts in education. I mean, didn’t you know that if you are not ‘adjusted’ on a regular basis you will get spinal degeneration?! What patent nonsense. The greatest Chiropractors ever always worked on the B.J. Palmer premise of “find it, fix it, and leave it alone” and that included Clarence Gonstead.  This multi-treatment Chiropractic based on greed is part of the downfall of the profession. I had one patient from Redwood City, California, who said, “Oh I’m so glad you’re here. I can’t be away from my Chiropractor for too long. “Why? I asked. How often do you go? “Let’s see,” she said. I’ve been going three times a week for about five years.” Quackery and greed. Nothing more and nothing less.

O.K. Here’s what amazes me the most. There’s a large segment of the stupid Chiropractic educators (Yes, I mean real stupid) who are destroying the Profession by craving recognition from mainstream allopathic medical quackery with their pseudoscience and fake double-blind studies. Yes,  you can get a pharmaceutical and prove it lowers cholesterol. That means nothing. That is, it’s quackery because it has nothing to do with the cause. It doesn’t take a particularly smart person to see that allopathic medicine is mostly all based on the treatment of symptoms and seldom ever the causes. Of course there are some very useful pharmaceuticals and sometimes crisis intervention is necessary. I’m talking about the treatment of the symptoms of degenerative disease. So here’s the ignorant ‘educators’ churning out Chiropractors who are “Back Pain Specialists.” No longer fit to be called’Primary Care Providers.’ All because they want acceptance and recognition from a flawed system. Of course it would be kind of difficult, wouldn’t it, to have ‘double-blind’ studies for example on the effects of specific Atlas adjustment on, say, the aura or the etheric  body or how about the meridian system or the chakras or the flow of chi? Of course this is  all beyond the ‘scope’ of modern scientific quackery, isn’t it? So what do the ‘brilliant’ educators do? They reduce our Profession down to the level of allopathic medicine, based on primitive diagnosis and unsophisticated science which has nothing do with natural science or natural laws. I say primitive diagnosis, because many systems  surpass  Western Medical Diagnosis. Several that come to mind are Nakatani’s Ryodoraku, Voll and Vega and yes of course, incompetent hands, applied kinesiology. How about Pulse diagnosis? How about ‘Interro’s’ and all the new sophisticated computerized systems? How about radionics or even something so simple as a pendulum? Chiropractic was founded by a ‘magnetic healer.’ D.D. Palmer knew more about ‘life’ and health than most of our modern pseudo scientists put together. Albert Abrams. MD and the great Ruth Drown,DC, knew  what  was  going on. 21st century Medicine will catch up to 19th ceritury genius sometime, maybe. Another point, is the unbelievable greed’ of the Chiropractic Colleges. I’ve been told the tuition  is  astronomical. Is greed the, reason that a young graduate has student loans of 75 to 100,000 dollars?

Meanwhile, another ‘branch’ of the healing  arts is quietly establishing itself as the new Primary Care ‘Holistic’ all-encompassing, great   results, treating the causes with great public acceptance, increasing insurance coverage etc.,   etc. They are gaining licensing in many states.  Their scope of Practice in most states includes manipulation, nutrition, physiotherapy and really  whatever else ‘natural’ that they want to use. Their system is not based on anything to do with ‘western science.’Oh no, not at all(Chiropractic never was either.) Try explaining Yin and Yang and the flow of ‘chi’ and acupuncture points and the ‘five element’ theory and ‘the seven emotions’and the ‘four essences’and ‘five flavors.’ Yes, Oriental Medicine takes over big time where Chiropractic abdicated. What a sony mess! Even though Chiropractic Colleges are churning  out manipulators (sorry I mean adjustors) by the hundreds, (I’ve been told there’s one on every  corner in California), check the number of Acupuncturists or Oriental practitioners, or in  Florida “AP’s” or Acupuncture Physicians. In some states there are now more Oriental practitioners than chiropractors. The writing is on the wall and it’s too late to save the Profession. Because of multiple visits, greed, and insurance abuses, it’s no wonder Chiropractors are losing coverage.   There’s nothing that Chiropractors are doing now that cannot be learned and practiced by Physiotherapists. Both D.D. and B.J. Palmer would  roll over .in their graves, if they could see what’s happened to their once great profession  of Chiropractic ….

Curt Maxwell, DC, ND is a 1973 Palmer College of

Chiropractic graduate. He is also a Naturopathic Physician and a Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture.

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