Promoting Breast-Feeding

Recently I was  sitting  reading the Feb/Mar  issue of the  Townsend Letter while my wife sat across from  me, breast feeding  our  three-month  old  son.   I happened to turn to “BookCorners”  and noticed  the  review  “Promoting  Breast- Feeding.”  I was  struck  by the  profound absurdity  that  a book or report such  as this  would  even be necessary.  I am  not criticizing  the  review  by Beatrice   Trum Hunter   at  all.  Merely  the  fact  that   we need  ‘Health   experts  worldwide’  to tell us they all  agree that  breast-feeding  is ‘the optimal  way to nurture infants  and should be practiced  whenever possible.’ ‘Brilliant work!  We need  ‘abundant evidence  that human  milk  is designed to  enhance   optimally  the   growth,  development,  and  well  being  of  the infant’?   Is this  for  real?   Funny,  I don’t ever  remember  reading  anywhere  that goat milk may not be the  best  milk  for baby goats,  or whale  milk  the  best for baby  whales  etc.,   etc.· Are we human beings  mammals,   or   did  I  miss something  in grade  school?      

This is  the   last   stage   of the   20th century   and   we  are   so  removed   from nature,   we have  to  have ‘scientists   and experts’  tell  us  what   is  natural.    That this  is even  questioned    tells   me we are in a whole lot more trouble   than most  of us even imagine!

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