Injectable Therapies For Pain Management

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, April, 2005 by Curt Maxwell


A cover to cover search of the January 2005 issue, which, as stated on the front cover, is supposed to focus on Chronic Pain Management, failed to find any mention of probably the most successful modalities for treating acute and chronic pain of a musculoskeletal nature. Nothing about any injectable therapies! Several injectable therapies can really help. Often one treatment will solve pain problems of years standing although sometimes three or four or more may be needed.

My first introduction to injectable pain therapy was Neural Therapy from Fred Shull, MD in Bellingham, Washington in 1980, who kindly shared his knowledge. Even using very simple neural therapy techniques can work wonders. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD teaches excellent courses in Neural Therapy (425-637-9339). Books are available by Peter and Mathias Dosch, MDs, and the original developers, Ferdinand and Walter Huneke, MDs.

Later I studied and incorporated the work of Paul K. Pybus, MD from South Africa, who called his work “Intraneural Therapy.” His booklet is available from the Arthritis Trust of America (Phone 615-799-1002).

Still later I discovered the work of Harry Philibert, MD who still practices in Louisiana. He calls his work “Specific Injection Therapy” and has a very good manual available as well as a video. I combined his work with the others to get even more outstanding results. Dr. Philibert’s number is 504-837-2727 or 504-831-3380. Trigger Point injection as advocated by Janet Travell, MD who has several books on the subject, is also worthwhile.

An excellent book by Steven D. Waldman, MD, JD is Atlas of Pain Management Techniques, ISBN 0-7216-8504-8. This is a really great book and is about $165 even though I just noticed it’s printed in China. Copyright W.B. Saunders Company. Last, but certainly not least is Prolotherapy. Also known as Schlerotherapy and Reconstructive Therapy, the only mention in the Jan. issue of the Townsend Letter is an advertisement for a good book by William J. Faber, DO, and Morton Walker, DPM called Pain, Pain Go Away.

Kent Pomeroy, MD has an excellent tape series available which thoroughly covers all aspects of Prolotherapy. They are really necessary for becoming proficient at Prolotherapy without personal training. These tapes or CDs are available for MDs and DOs, although I believe all these injectable techniques are well within the scope of NMDs as well. Call Dr. Pomeroy’s office at 602-912-4996.

I was personally fortunate to have help from a Prolo pioneer who studied with Dr. Hackett. Ellis Browning MD is now 90 years old and has got to be the world’s most experienced Prolotherapist. He’s practiced Prolo since the 1940s and only recently “sort of” retired although he did my left sacroiliac very recently.

Ross Hauser, MD is really the one most responsible for putting Prolo out to the public. He wrote a series of books on Prolo. These books and also a good $75 teaching tape are available from Dr. Hauser at 708-848-7789. They also have Dr. Hackett’s book available with additions by Gus Hemwall, MD and Gerald A. Montgomery, MD. Very interesting book.

Although Prolo can very successfully rebuild knees and other joints, experience has shown me that many cases of “Tension Myositis Syndromes” as outlined by John Sarno MD in his book Mind over Back Pain respond well to either straight local anesthetic or Dr. Philibert’s formula which calls for one half percent lidocaine (50ml vial) with 1 ml of a depot steroid like Aristospan. Dr. Pybus treated around 6000 patients’ knees very successfully using local anesthetic and a depot steroid. It’s knowing where to inject and how much that makes the difference.

Combining injection techniques with either Osteopathic or Chiropractic manipulation can greatly improve outcomes and of course manipulation can be a wonderful “stand alone” treatment for many pain cases.

Dr. Teitelbaum, in his very good article, mentions the use of IV colchicine for disc pain. We also use this, particularly for degenerative disc disease with very good results. Must use a narrow gauge butterfly at least 25g and backflush several times before withdrawing because severe burning pain can occur from any infiltration. We follow the protocols of the late Micheal R. Rask, MD which as well as the colchicine are available from Torrance Company Pharmaceuticals 800-327-0722.

Since Vioxx and other anti-inflammatories have dangerous secondary effects, I have found a natural formula that works well for pain and inflammation. “Phenocane” is a combination of special curcumin extract with dl phenylalanine, available from Dr. Donsbach at 888-950-2190.

Doctors and patients should be aware that all the variations of Rheumatoid arthritis can without a doubt be cured. Yes, cured! We have proven it ourselves, even taking patients out of wheelchairs. Please see or call the Arthritis Trust of America at 615-799-1002.

Hope this will help any Doctors who wish to eliminate pain rapidly and often permanently.

Curt Maxwell, MD, NMD, DC, FIAMA
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