Greed Medicine versus Quack Medicine


I would like to comment on certain statements in the recent (May) Townsend Letter.

Firstly, congratulations to Dr. Alan Gaby for his non back down, forthright and right on letter more on Multi Level Yam Scam. My opinion is that no ethical doctor can be involved in any multi-level schemes. Although no doubt many of them have excellent products, they are always over-priced. Seldom ever is the incentive to be involved anything except for the so-called financial opportunity. Money and greed rears it’s ugly head again!

Next, the article by H.J. Roberts, MD. Being certified and recertified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, is certainly not something to be proud of. Far from it. It is a certification from a group that actively promotes and generally knows nothing except quack medicine. Secondly, the statement: This preamble is intended to indicate that I have been around medicine long enough to realize that most purported cures for cancer have been discredited, particularly when suggested by non-physicians who lack credentials. Discredited by whom? The people who make millions every year peddling their own quack non-cures. Most of their victims (thousands and thousands every year) are buried. Harry Hoxsey was not a doctor of any kind, yet he knew more about curing cancer than all the oncologist quacks at Sloan Kettering put together. Dr. Roberts further states: I felt it necessary to maintain an open mind over a topic that would evoke insulting belly laughs from most oncologists. I don’t suppose that Dr. Roberts imagines that oncologists are legitimate ethical doctors? (First do no harm?) Doesn’t he want to realize that they are one of the worst kind of medical quacks there are? Every year they are directly responsible for killing many thousands of citizens.

Knowledge has nothing to do with qualifications or legitimate credentials. One of the most prolific contributors to this journal over the years is Wayne Martin. He is not a doctor but he is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. Research scientists and medical doctors have PhDs and MDs. This doesn’t automatically mean they know either what they are doing, or for that matter, more than anyone else. Quite the contrary, oncologists being typical examples. Its amazing to me that supposedly intelligent people, like oncologists, don’t even realize that they are part of the biggest and most disgusting scam that has ever been perpetrated against mankind. Most everyone knows that the Nazis killed about six million innocent people (mostly Jewish) in W.W.II. How many millions over the years have died agonizing deaths at the hands of oncologists? I’m sorry, but the truth is the truth. Lets call a spade a spade. I realize that Dr. Roberts is probably a well-meaning individual, but obviously he has no idea that medicine is merely a puppet of the drug pharmaceutical conglomerates. These groups don’t care about what’s right or honest or best for mankind. All they care about is profits and maintaining the status quo. In the editorial The FDA’s Holy War Against Dr. Burzynski, Dr. Whitaker, obviously being a man of compassion and concern, asks What has happened to our civilization?

What’s happened to our civilization is that it is run and controlled by special interest groups and big business who only care about profits. Period. Greed, greed and more greed!! Bill Buchanan’s letter to the President, is well meaning but totally naive. President Clinton has nothing to do with it! He couldn’t do anything about it even if he wanted to! Lets not forget that Jack Dreyfus, who had direct access to presidents, spent 60 million dollars of his own money trying to get some simple changes made in the PDR about the usage of Dilantin. He too wasted his time and money. Nothing changed.

The Olestra flap raises some interesting points for me. This man-made garbage is no different than many other concoctions going into products for human consumption. Calling them food is quite a stretch. Junk or garbage would be more fitting. Now, who eats this stuff anyway? Mr. and Mrs. Ignorant America. It will be of no concern to people who eat a natural diet. So what’s all the fuss? Now look, America is sort of the land of the free,í (except of course if anyone is ruining business for the sickness disease industries. I mean didn’t you know that’s a growth industry too and they rely on more and more sick people every year.) People have the basic freedom to eat whatever they want. It’s their choice. Of course it’s not an informed choice, but nevertheless it’s their right! I think that everyone of us who knows the truth has a moral obligation to lecture, write and in every way try to educate people about what they should be eating to maintain health. I also realize that many people don’t want to know the truth or be educated and that’s their right too. Stupid, but none the less their right. Is ignorance really bliss?

As a reader of the Townsend Letter from day one, it is obvious to me that this journal is being read by more and more uninformed people. That’s good from the point of view that they will be hopefully educated on at least two basic facts. Firstly, to be healthy, only eat foods from nature. Organic if possible. Vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts, all unprocessed and unrefined and high quality protein like eggs, chicken, fish and red meat. (Being a healthy vegetarian is OK, too, maybe?) Secondly, if at all possible keep away from regular allopathic doctors. Since they have no idea of the cause(s) of degenerative disease, they therefore cannot treat it, but instead use dangerous drugs attempting to ameliorate the symptoms. That’s science? These people are dangerous to your health. Oh, yes, I know that antibiotics and other crisis medications are sometimes necessary and if I’m racked up in an accident or have a ruptured appendix I want a capable surgeon. I’m also aware that there are some very useful pharmaceuticals.

Lastly, I note that Townsend Hopkins, who lists many degrees, and I might point out that British Commonwealth DOs are limited to manipulation and are not at all like US osteopathic physicians, states that only homeopathy, with diet, is able to effect broad curative changes in personality, degenerative and active diseases and more, all without harm. Look, I’m really happy that his system works for him, but there is no one way or one path. There are many paths and many ways. If Dr. Hopkins is a student of the genius L. Ron Hubbard then I can tell him that Dianetic auditing with an E meter is not the only way to erase engrams. Other ways include Reich and Lowen’s Bioenergetics, rebirthing or conscious breathing and regressive hypnosis. One of the biggest barriers to learning is the close-minded human condition that I call group dynamics. All groups tend to teach. We have all the answers. Do not look outside of our teachings. It is like religion. Everyone argues that their way is the only way. Not true. Sorry. Since we’ve been talking about cancer, look at some of the different ways cancer has been cured. Hoxsey and Caisse/Essiac (both non-physicians who lacked credentials) cured thousands and thousands of many types of terminal cases of cancer with their own independent and different type of herbal treatment. Dr. Max Gerson, a highly qualified German physician, likewise cured thousands of terminal cases. His system was very different. Royal Raymond Rife who had no credentials also cured terminal cases with his frequency instrument. Gaston Naessens injects 714X into the Lymph system and also cures many terminal cases. Dr. Burzynski, a highly qualified Ph.D. and MD uses his antineoplastons very successfully on many terminal cases. You see. There is no one way!

I might add, that what Dr. Burzynski is going through now in the state of Texas is no different than what Harry Hoxsey went through in the same state more than 40 years ago. All of the others mentioned above went through similar ordeals, all for the crime of curing cancer. Isn’t it ironic but sick that the very people prosecuting, represent a group that has no cure but because of money and greed must maintain the status quo.

I’ll bet that many of these people are God fearing citizens who go to church/temple/synagogue every week. It really tells us something about the human condition doesn’t it?

Curt Maxwell, DC, ND, FIACA
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