Fasting Impairs Detoxification?

In the  Dec. issue,  Dr. Bland’s article states, “Recent research on detoxification indicates that in many cases, fasting actually impairs detoxification.”  He goes on to  say, “Starvation or a longer term fast …etc., etc.”  I’d like to know what studies he’s talking about.  There is a difference between fasting and starvation. Dr.Jack Goldstein,  in his book Triumph over disease by fasting and natural diet, says. “Fasting  is  complete and total abstinence from all food, with the exception of water, where the  body supports itself on the stored reserves within its tissues. It is important to make  the differentiation between fasting and starvation, because many people use these  two terms interchangeably in error.  Starvation begins when the fast is carried beyond the time when these stored reserves are used up or have dropped to dangerously low levels and the vital organs begin to  be consumed by the body for food,  and death    becomes imminent. ” Dr.Goldstein’s personal healing fast was over forty days! It seems to me that fasting  is the single most successful system in allowing the body to heal itself,  since the beginning of time.  Professor Arnold Ehret, J.H. Tilden,  M.D.and the  founders of the ‘hygienic’ system as well as many others have proven the benefits of fasting in thousands of cases., In Dr. Thomas Dorman’s article, “Osteoarthritis,”  I hope he’s not discounting the use of anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals in any form. We are having tremendous success using the protocol of the late Paul K Pybus. M.D., using lidocaine and a small amount of a depot steroid injected into certain points around the involved joint.  Rather than Osteoarthritis being a problem of ligaments,  it’s possible  that the joint is being held too tightly  by the surrounding  muscles.    Whatever the cause, the results are almost miraculous.  Dr. Pybus’s book is available from the  Rheumatoid Disease foundation, 5106 Old Harding Rd.,Franklin,Tennessee 37064 USA.

Also,  a couple of products with tremendous  potential are Adequan (Polysulphated Glycosanoglycan) for intramuscular administration and Synacid for intra-articular administration.  At present, these products are restricted by the FDA for use in horses. Too bad.

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