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Dr Curt Maxwell Brochure

PAIN ( or taking pain pills or anti inflammatories ) DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A WAY OF LIFE!

You may have tried everything except NEURAL, INTRANEURAL OR PROLOTHERAPY, which often provide instant pain relief, increased motion and return of function for problems not able to be helped by any other method.


· HEADACHE (cluster & migraine)

· T.M.J

· SHOULDER (including rotator cuff)

· ARM, ELBOW (tennis)

· WRIST (carpal tunnel)

· BACK, LOW BACK (sciatica)

· HIP, KNEES and FEET (heel spurs)














Dr. Curt Maxwell

Dr Curt Maxwell is a New Zealander, U.S. and Canadian trained, practicing in Mexico since 1993 with more than 30 years experience in the treatment of Pain, Dysfunction and Health Restoration. He has Degrees/Diplomas in Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Acupuncture and Chiropractic. He is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician. Diplomate of the College of Pain Management and U.S Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.




Q. What does Dr. Maxwell do to treat conditions of pain and dysfunction?

A. Dr. Maxwell began his career as a Chiropractic Physician. Consequently he has been able to combine Chiropractic Structural Principles with the original German Neural Therapy concepts of Dr. Huneke, as well as the Intraneural Methods developed in South Africa by Dr. Pybus, with the ‘‘specific injection’’ techniques pioneered by Dr. Philibert in Louisiana, and Prolotherapy techniques developed by Dr. Hackett in Illinois. This makes for a very effective and successful modality. Dr. Maxwell combines manipulation and alignment procedures with injections into specific areas.


Q. I understand the idea of alignment and manipulation but where does Dr. Maxwell inject?

A. The injections can be made into scars, acupuncture points, nerve bundles in the autonomic system, fascia and ‘‘trigger points’’ and with Prolotherapy into ligament and tendon attachments. The success of the treatment depends on the skill and experience of the physician in knowing and how much to inject.


Q. What is the purpose of these injections and what do they accomplish?

A. Neural and Intraneural injection can remove interference in the body’s electrical network, repolarize tissue and thus relieve chronic pain, reverse injury, and clear energy blockages, helping to regulate energy throughout the body. Prolotherapy stimulates the body to repair and strengthen ligament or tendon attachments.


Q. What is injected?

A. Lidocaine for Neural and Intraneural therapy and Lidocaine plus varius percentages of dextrose for Prolotherapy.


Q. I thought Lidocaine was a local anesthetic and would ‘numb’ the area affected but would wear off after some time with a return of pain. What does it do?

A. Most people including many Doctors believe that local anesthetics are just for temporally blocking pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Local anesthetics have incredible tissue normalizing ability and are known nerve stabilizers as described in numerous textbooks. They have been in common use for that purpose in Europe since the 1930´s.


However, unless the injections are made very accurately into the exact points results can be less than optimum.




This is where experience counts. Specifically when a nerve is damaged by either trauma or excessive stretching the polarity changes and electrons or negatively charged particles escape. This not only results in pain but also a constriction of the surrounding tissues and muscles, resulting in a lack of circulation and therefore oxygen to the surrounding tissue. This results in more pain. If the oxygen level is still lower there can be feelings of numbness, ‘pins and needles and even reduced strength in muscles. The injection of local anesthetic into the nerve-muscle junction not only repolarizes the nerve but allows the tissue to relax with the results that fresh oxygenated blood will restore normal function to the area. This can take place in seconds.


Q. Is the treatment painful?

A. This depends from person to person. Dr. Maxwell is very skilled after having treated thousands of patients. Any pain only lasts seconds.


Q. Can these treatments help everyone?

A. Each patient must be evaluated thoroughly. Success depends on factors which include the history of damage to the patient, the patient´s overall health and ability to heal, and any underlying nutritional deficiencies that would impede the healing process.


Q. What areas of the body can be treated?

A. This form of therapy can be used to treat any joint or painful area including headache (migraine) Tempero Mandibular joint dysfunction. Neck pain for any traumatic reason including whiplash. Shoulders. Elbows (tennis elbow) wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome). Disc problems at any level of the spine. Low back including sciatica. Hips, Knees and Feet. The pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia usually respond well to this treatment. This therapy affects only the area treated and does not cause any problem un any other area.


Q. How often do I need these treatments?

A. Some patients have complete resolution in one treatment. However for best results treatment should be administered every few days for at least four sessions in each treated area. Some chronic cases can require 8 to 10 sessions for complete resolution.


Q. What is the rate of success in treatment?

A. The anticipated rate of success depends on a number of variables, including the patients history and abillity to heal. We experience at least a 95 % succes rate when the patient follows through with the required number of treaments. No guarantee of cure can be made.



Q. If this treatment is really so fantastic and gets such great results why aren´t the big medical centers and   many more doctors using it?

A. The greatest reason there are not more practitiners     is because the pharmaceutical industry largely runs the practice of medicine in North America. The local anesthetics used in these treatments have come off patent years ago. There is really no profit for these companies who focus on new patented products they can make huge profits out of. Also because of the greed factor companies focus on products to treat symptoms with treatments that are then on going rather than curative. Consequently these techiques are not taught   in medical school nor to mainstream doctors. Only the enthusiasm of truth seeking, open minded physicians keeps them alive and available.


Q. What are the fees?

A.Injection Therapies - $150.00 per area. Chiropractic adjustment - $40.


Cash.or US Check only at time of service. No Insurance.





Q. How do these fees compare to u.s practitioners?

A. Most U.S Prolotherapy Doctors charge a fee of more than $500 dollars for the 1st visit. The most common therapy fee is $300-600 per area. That is one knee. One side of the low back. One shoulder etc. One treatment can cost several hundred dollars.Insurance usually does not cover.


“Neural fascial (intraneural) therapy is the most striking and elegant technique to resolve chronic pain. It is a technique I believe that every physician in the United States of America should be aware of. In Germany it has become the leading modality in the treatment pain. It is hard for me to understand that this treatment modality is not more known by now here in the U.S.A.”


Dietrich K. Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D