Avoid Surgery

‘‘Dr. Maxwell made all the pain in my feet go away with just one visit. I went to the foot Doctor in Yuma, Arizona. They gave me cortisone shots and the pain was back the next day. Thanks to Doctor Maxwell I have no more pain in my  feet and will have no surgery.”
Michelle Van  Horn.

‘‘Dear Dr. Maxwell, I am writing to let you know the treatment ( One treatment) I got in your office has turned out . It is unbelievable how the pain has just disappeared, after months and months of the therapy and Chiropractic treatments I am finally PAIN FREE . I would liken this treatment to a miracle. Once again, many  thanks to you  and be advised that I will send friends and relatives your way if they ever need treatment for any kind of pain. Nov. 11  follow up. I am still doing great!!! It’s such a pleasure to not be in constant pain. I have gone back to work and am able to function  normally on a daily basis. If I ever have any problems I will be back to see you, but, so far so good! Thanks,
Cheryl R. Shook, Yuma, AZ.

‘‘I first met Dr. Maxwell in  Cabo San  Lucas 6 years ago when we were vacationing there and my back went out. I was initially apprehensive to receive injections in my lower back but I received almost instant relief. I have been pain free for six years now. Recently I began to experience the same lower back pain. I have spent $4,000 going to four different doctors. I have received X rays, MRI’s, cortizone shots and epidurals, all of which have not stopped the pain. The  Codeine and Flexoral that the U.S. Doctors prescribe give me pounding headaches, so I do no longer take the pills. I recently located Dr. Maxwell on the internet (www.arhtritistrast.org) and have returned for more injections. Thanks Dr. Maxwell for the great service! Please let met know if you move again so I can find you easier the next time.”
Greg Wolf, Ojai, California.


‘‘With the help of German Doctors like Dietrich Klinghardt, neural therapy is slowly becoming recognized by knowledgeable” cutting edge” U.S. practitioners.”
Louisa L. Williams, D.C., N.D. From her text:
Neural Therapy  for Naturopaths & Other holistic Physicians
‘‘The  number one reason for partial pain relief with Prolotherapy is not completing the full course of Prolotherapy sessions. It is important that the patient does not  become disappointed if the pain is not relived after one or two sessions, especially a patient who has been in pain for decades. I have had severe pain cases require only one treatment and relatively simple cases require six sessions.”

Ross A. Hauser, M.D. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist.

‘‘Too bad that the Neural Fascial (Intraneural). Technique of eliminating pain is not taught in any Medical Schools and Residency Programs. However,… All those afflicted  who seek freedom suffering…, This  masterful work can be utilized by all people around the globe who need the rapid therapeutic response furnished by Neural fascial (Intra neural ) therapy to offer the afflicted.”
William J. Faber, D.O. Founder and Medical director of Milwakee Pain Clinic and Metabolic Research Center . Milwaukee, WI.

"Not many Physicians are aware of  Prolotherapy, and even fewer are adept at this form of treatment. One wonders why that is so. In my opinion, it is because medical folks are skeptical and Prolotherapy, unless you have tried it and proven its worth seems to be too easy a  solution to a series of complicated problems that afflict the human body and have been notoriously difficult to treat by any other method. Another reason is the simplicity of the therapy: Injecting  an irritant solution at the junction of a ligament with a bone to produce the rather  dramatic therapeutic benefits that follow … Finally, Prolotherapy seems to simple a procedure for a very complicated series of musculoskeletal problems which  affect huge numbers of patients… I have been a patient who has benefitted from Prolotherapy. Having been so remarkably relieved of my chonic disabiling pain I began to use it on some of my patients.”
C. Everett Koop, M.D Former United States Surgeon General.

"The most successful treatment that we have at the Atkins Center for Complimentary Medicine for chronic pain and sports injuries is Prolotherapy.”
Robert C. Atkins, M.D.


Dr. Maxwell’s Musculoskeletal Pain Management  
1. Full Spine Adjusting & Alignment 30.00
2. Neural – Intraneural Injection /Prolo Therapy(1 area) 150.00
Additional area 125.00
2 areas 275.00
3 areas 400.00
4 areas (with $25 discount) 500.00