Atkins, Fredericks, Harris, and Page Condemn High-Carbohydrate (“Low Fat”) Diets

I read with great interest Dr.Jeffrey Moss’ paper   titled “Hyperinsuiinemia and Insulin Resistance – A missing link in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease.” I would like to respond to this article with my information titled, “The Glyeopathies – a ‘common denominator’in Health and Disease including, but not limited to Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease.”
Dr. Moss’ reference to the ‘overwhelming consensus  of the public,’means nothing and is totally irrelevant as the ‘gullible masses’ only know what the Pharmaceutical – Medical-Junkfood-Sugar  Cartels etc. want  them  to believe. They  are  ‘educated’through the mass media, particularly the universal ‘brainwashing’ medium known as’ Television. The clinical nutritionists are sadly in a somewhat similar position. Of course  the ‘glycopathies’ are ignored by the ‘medical  establishment’! They know nothing about health, the restoration of health or for that matter, the  cause  of ill health. The ‘medical establishment’ is controlled, directed and orchestrated by the incredible greed of the drug pharmaceutical  industries. Obviously the most important factor in health and disease is diet. They are only interested in selling their patented pharmaceuticals and have over half a million  ‘pushers’ – either MD’s or DO’s – doing just that. It’s very naive to expect anything to change until the pharmaceutical companies have patented ‘neutraceuticals’ which apparently they are desperately working on. Being an ‘eclectic’ physician however, I recognize there  are some very valuable and worthwhile pharmaceuticals.

Let’s not forget one point. There is no money to be made for the sickness – disease industries by having a population that is getting healthier.    Is it possible that the same men that control the drug industries also have something to do with   the junk food industries? In my opinion, if one wants to know the truth about any subject, rule number one is look with great suspicion at what the ‘status quo’ believes. They are bound to be wrong! Even some very well-known ‘Holistic’ MD’s with a high profile  nationally, and many other natural   healers have bought probably the greatest hoax of this century.
The ‘villain’ meatlfatleggslcholesterol myth with the high complex carbohydrate solution. What a mess! No wonder the North American general population gets ‘sicker and fatter’ each year and  the vegetarians ‘thinner and sicker.’ Dr. Moss states, “From both biochemical and historical   viewpoints, the high complex carbohydrate, low-fat diet makes so much sense.” I think it makes no  sense at all and never did make any sense.

Dr. Robert Atkins cannot be ‘dismissed’ in such a cursory fashion. He has worked with many, many thousands of patients over more than a 25-year span. He has proven the validity of the limited carbohydrate approach without one shadow of doubt. It is impossible and ridiculous to state that Atkins advocates a ‘complete removal of all carbohydrates from the  diet.’ Read Dr. Atkins latest book which is Dr Atkins Diet Revelation. His 1988 book, Dr. Atkins Health Revolution is, I believe, the best all- round book ever written      for the education of people  in ‘complementary medicine’ and ‘holistic health.’ This book is particularly valuable to me as it is available in Spanish and Ichoose to live and practice in the  Republic of Mexico. I will attempt to show in this letter that far from being  the  ‘missing link’   in disease the ‘glycopathies’ are in fact the common denominator in most aspects of health and  disease.   Listen  to what Dr. Atkins says (Health Revolution. Chapter 6 – titled “Diabetes – The   Basic Epidemic.”) “It would be hard to scrutinize   the weaknesses of orthodox medicine without     using as a prime example the major disorders of blood sugar, diabetes and hypoglycemia. These two illnesses are not opposites but rather distinct  facets of a single category of illnesses which has  no special name other than blood sugar  disorders. (The term glycopathy, which applies, certainly is not in widespread use.) More than any other   category  of illness, the glycopathies are the  major illnesses of the 20th century. It is fair to say this, because there is increasing evidence that arteriosclerosis largely overlaps the blood sugar  disorders and shares many of the same metabolic  disturbances. If that’s the case,then diet  becomes, clearly and obviously, both the cause and  the cure of this century’s major cause of-death.  And none of orthodoxy’s characteristic responses,   from aloof disdain based on sheer ignorance, to vindictive persecution based on fear, will succeed  in concealing that fact forever.” Ever since Dr.Seale Harris identified hyperinsulinism as a major factor in  disease causation in 1924, various forms of low carbohydrate diets have been popularized by various Doctors. Dr.Atkins dedicates his Health Revolution book to his mentor, the late Dr.Carlton   Fredericks, PhD. I notice that in Dr.Fredericks    1980 book Eat well, get well, stay well, Chapter  11 is titled “The Low Carbohydrate Diet.”In his  1983 book What the Medical Establishment won’t tell you that could Save Your Life, Michael L. Culbert says, “In ‘How to beat the  Killer Diseases,’ Dr. Harper and Imade the case for the fact that Americans are the most overfed, yet undernourished, people on earth, even though the food situation in the United Kingdom is even  worse. Dr. Harper’s thesis, now seconded by many metabolic physicians, is that the degenerative diseases are all interlinked,  whatever names   we give them  – arthritis, arteriosclerosis,   cancer, heart disease, stroke, schizophrenia,  alcoholism, hypertension, diabetes – and that the early warning system in identifying the problem   is the body’s inability to metabolize refined  carbohydrates, primarily refined sugar. This   early-warning stage, glucose metabolism dysfunction (GMD), which is rarely diagnosed, will almost  certainly become hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, an ailment which until recently the AMA even denied existed. Hypoglycemia’s links to the  degenerative disease states in general is now relatively accepted. That a fourth to a third of  cancer patients are also diabetic is accepted, and  that both schizophrenia and alcoholism  may be  controlled by diet is ever more apparent. ” Dr. Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD is considered the   ‘father’ of Orthomolecular Psychiatry. As far as I know he is still practicing in Victoria, British   Columbia. He is recognized as the foremost  authority in the nutritional treatment of Schizophrenia. In his excellent 1978 book  Orthomolecular Nutrition – New Lifestyle for Super Good Health which he co-wrote with Dr. Morton  Walker, they state, “Excessive consumption of  unprocessed foods almost exclusively  carbohydrate  in content such as rice, wheat  and potatoes will cause obesity and cause a metabolic imbalance”..  Processed  carbohydrates present  an altogether  different situation.   These  include  all  the  food products rich in added sugar or prepared in  a  way  that   has  dissipated  a large proportion  of other  essential  nutrients.  Processed carbohydrates   consist of such foods as polished rice, white flour  and a variety  of substances   made from them. They can almost be branded  as legalized poisons. The best use white flour can be put   to  is   as   a   paste  for  hanging wallpaper.    Excessive  consumption  of refined  or  processed  carbohydrates   is the  major  cause   of a broad   group  of neuroses and a great number of’ physical illnesses. ”

Hofferl Walker  also  point  out  that “The  mass   indictment   of  refined carbohydrates  as the  cause  of many  of the ills of western   countries  today was advanced  by  Surgeon-Captain   T.L. Cleave,   MRCP   formerly  director   of medical   research  of the  Institute  of Naval Medicine, Great Britain.  In 1956, he designated   ‘the  saccharine   disease’ as  the  master   disease,   incorporating diabetes,   coronary   disease,   obesity, peptic ulcer, constipation,  hemorrhoids, varicose  veins;   Escherichia  coli infections   such   as  appendicitis,  cholecystitis,  pyelitis, and diverticulitis; renal calculus, many skin conditions and dental caries.”

Dr. Moss  says,  “Both  Wright  and Heller find it sadly ironic that  the great collection  of  brilliant   minds  that populate  the   research   community cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the  obvious.  Most likely, hyperinsulinemia  and insulin resistance are  primarily  initiated by  dietary indiscretions.”   I think  that’s  simple  to explain.  Most research people are ‘status quo’    types.    At   least    95%   of   the population,   in my opinion,  is addicted to sugar.  Just  like alcoholism,  denial  of alcohol or sugar causing a problem is one of the  major   manifestations  of these diseases.        Alcoholism and the ‘glycopathies’ are  closely related.  Back to HofferlW alker:   “Refined   sugar   is particularly  insidious  as  it  produces addiction   as   severe  as  any drug addiction.  The only difference between heroin  addiction  and sugar  addiction  is that   sugar   doesn’t   need  injection,   is readily    consumable  because  of  its availability,  and isn’t considered a social evil. However,   the  strength   of sugar addiction   is just   as  strong    as  heroin addiction. ”

There  seems  to  be   a  great misunderstanding  about  carbohydrates and  their  role in hyperinsulinemia.    An article  in the  February 5  Newsweek  of this year,  is titled  “Here’s the Beef.” It’s about  the  ‘rediscovery’  of eating  more protein   and  cutting   the  carbs.   They mention  three  new books.  Drs. Michael and  Mary  Dan  Eades’   book  called Protein Power, Dr. Richard and Rachel Heller’s  book Healthy  For Life  and The Zone by Barry  Sears. Newsweek  states,  “The  new diets  all  focus  on   the relationship  between carbohydrates  and insulin….  When   we   consume carbohydrates,   whether   as  carrots  or candy  bars,  they enter  the bloodstream as glucose. And if a meal generates  more glucose than we can use at the moment, our bodies  produce  insulin  to squirrel away the excess.  Later,  as blood sugar declines,   a  separate   hormone  called glucagon  shuttles   stored  energy  back into the blood.  Everything  hums  along nicely as long as  insulin   and  glucagon maintain a dynamic balance.   But  if we continually  consume  more carbs than  we burn,    insulin    gets   the   upper    hand, sending our weight,  blood pressure   and cholesterol    skyward.    To  the   protein enthusiasts,  cutting hack on carbs  is an ideal  way to rein in the insulin  response and  ward   off everything     that   follows from it. Yes, although  I really  question whether there  is actually  anything  ‘new’ about  these   diets.   Dr.  Atkins   for  one, talked  about these  principles  more than 20 years ago  and  Seale Harris   talked about  them   in   1924.   Also   in  their reference   to carrots   or  candy   entering the   bloodstream  as   glucose,    a  big surprise   may be  that  the  carrots   could cause  a greater  increase   in blood sugar than   the   candy   bars.   Let’s   get  clear about  one point.  I advocate as close to zero intake  of refined  carbohydrates   and high  glycemic index  foods  as  possible. Nevertheless,   as   mentioned,   the problem  seems to be a lack of knowledge about    carbohydrates.    Most   Doctors! Nutritionists    still  lump  carbohydrates into  two groups:  Simple  and  Complex. No pun  intended but  it’s just   not that simple! If we are  to  be concerned with the   pancreas   overresponding   and producing  too much insulin,   or the cells becoming   insulin-resistant,   we  know that  it’s best to eat  foods that  don’t raise the  blood  sugar   too  much.  To do this properly    we   have   to  take   into consideration   the ‘Glycemic  Index’ of foods.   A  book   containing   much interesting   information   about  this subject   is  The  Life   Extension  Weight Loss Program by Durk   Pels.” They also say  that “the slower   gut   absorption    that   will occur when  the  foods are part  of a meal will reduce the glycemic indexes  of most foods.” High fructose corn syrup is a mixture of fructose,  glucose, and small  amounts  of  other    sugars.   Depending   on  the combinations  of different  sugars,  the
glycemic index   can  vary considerably. Sucrose  has   a  glycemic   index   of  59. Fructose  20 and glucose  100. However  I think  it’s  worth  noting  what  Dr. Linus Pauling   says  in his book How to Live Longer  and  Feel Better.  “The  situation with fructose  is different  from that  with glucose. Humans  have  always  ingested some  fructose,  in the fruits and honey that  were part  of their  diet. Until about 200 years  ago the  daily  average  intake of fructose was quite small,  only about 8g.   Then,    as   ordinary   sugar (sucrose)… began   to  be  generally available,   the  daily  intake   of fructose rose tenfold,  to about  75g per  day.  The reason   for  this  great   increase    in  the intake  of fructose  is that  when  sucrose is ingested  it reacts  with  water  to form equal  amounts   of glucose  and  fructose. Each lOOg of sucrose gives 53g of glucose and  53g  of fructose;   that   is  why  it  is referred    to  as  a  disaccharide.   In  the United States we eat about  100 pounds of sugar   (sucrose) per  year.   This  is 125g  per   day,   corresponding,    when   it  is digested,  to 66g offructose  per day. With about  8g  from  fruits   and  honey,   the average daily  intake   becomes  74g per day. Our bodies  have  been  accustomed  to  metabolizing   only 8g of fructose  per day. It is accordingly  not surprising  that the   nearly    tenfold   overload   causes problems.  There  is little doubt that this great intake  offructose,  to which human beings  have been  subjected  only during the last  century,   is the cause of many of our ills.”

Statistics,   I think  show  that  the average intake  of sugar  per year is now closer to 150 lbs.  One thing  is for sure. The problem is getting  worse, not better. The  ‘hypoglycemic  epidemic’  of the  70’s and  80’s hasn’t   gone away.  It’s  actually more  prevalent   than  ever! One  more  thing  about   glycemic indexes.  Pearson   and  Shaw  state   that the glycemic  index  of a fruit could not be  estimated    on  the  basis   of a  sugar’ content    analysis.    Plums   for  instance “contain  3.49% glucose,  1.5. 3% fructose , 4.94% sucrose, and  0.15% maltose.  The glycemic indexes  of these sugars are 100, 20, 59, and  110, respectively.  They say, “On  this  basis   we  expected   plums  to have a high glycemic index, but it is only 25.” The fruits  with  the  lower  glycemic indexes are  apple,  cherries,   grapefruit, peach,  pear,  plum,      orange   and surprisingly,  grapes.  The   reason   that   I   say    that hyperinsulinemia  and insulin  resistance (or  the   glycopathies)   are   a common denominator    in   disease    and  health  , rather than   a missing   link  is because the   stabilization    of blood  sugar  seems to be the  major  common  factor  in  the methods  used  by every  doctor who has had  a high  success   rate   in  ‘curing’  all types of conditions.  All the methods and systems that   I have studied   of various doctors  have all  eliminated  at least all the  ‘refined’   carbohydrates     and   sweet fruits  from the  diets  of their  patients. Three such doctors,  all now deceased, were   Melvin   Page,  DDS  of   St. Petersburg.  Florida,  Arthur   L. Kaslow, MD of Santa   Barbara,    California, and E.E. Rogers, MD of Vancouver,   British Columbia,  Canada.   All of these  doctors treated   thousands  of patients    with   a wide variety  of conditions  with  many of the   people   coming   from    foreign countries. Firstly, Dr. Page. I am fortunate   to have  one  of Dr.  Page’s  books,  Body Chemistry   in  Health    and   Disease  , published I think,   sometime  in the 50s. He has   another   book  called  Your Body  is your best Doctor, written   with H. Leon – Abrams,   Jr.  published   in  1972. While the first book is for clinicians, the second   is more for the general public.  I also have a copy of  The Cook’s Health Guide which was Dr. Page’s recipe  book for the ‘Page Nutritional  Plan.’ In the introduction  he says,   “Sugar    is  habit-forming.    The resulting   destruction  of  the  body chemistry   is devastating.    We  are  all aware of the problems of alcoholism and drug  addiction  which  are  prevalent   in our  society;  but  most  of us  are  little aware  that  99% of the American  people have    unknowingly      become     sugar addicts.    This   is  by  far  the  greatest problem   facing   our   country    today.” Remember Dr. Page wrote this in the Rogers, MD, to me the most intriguing ’50s.  In Your Body  is Your  best Doctor, Dr. Page  says;  “In the  Page  Method  of regulating   body chemistry  the degree of efficiency of body  function  is expressed by the calcium-phosphorus  ratio and the amount   of   sugar   present  in  the circulating  blood. These deter minations are  included  in the  tests  made  on the blood  sample.   The  ideal  to which   the method  of regulation   is  directed   is to maintain   the  blood sugar   level  at  100 milligrams,  calcium 10, phosphorus 4 (or 2.5  parts  calcium  to  1  part  of phosphorus) per   hundred  cubic centimeters  of  blood.  At these levels the body  functions   most   successfully   and efficiently in all parts  and organs.” Also “In  my  research  with  thousands  of patients over  the  past   40 years,   my findings   prove  that   certain   foods  are universally   harmful  to everyone. These foods ate as follows: Sugar and all foods made with sugar  (white,  brown,  or raw sugar and   syrups),    white   bread   and refined grains,    coffee,  tea,  milk   (not including   cream  and   butter),  fruit  and vegetable juices  and hydrogenated  fats.” As well as  the  ‘Page  Super  7 diet’,  Dr. Page developed  a sophisticated   system of  anthropometric  measurements  to indicate  the   hereditary  glandular condition  with which an individual  was born.  Dr.  Page  said  that   all  patients improved  on the diet alone but  after he had   taken    the   measurements   and figured   out  the  patient’s    hereditary glandular   weakness,    “the   next procedure   was  to give the  patient   the minute   amount   of   endocrine supplements   needed   for  his   or  her individual needs.   The  results   gained from  the  basic   diet,   plus   endocrine supplements,    were  remarkable.”   They must   have   been    because  Dr.   Page certainly  had no shortage  of patients. Dr. Nancy Appleton’s excellent books are based   on  Dr.   Page’s   work.   She dedicates   her  Lick the  Sugar   Habit  to Bruce Pacetti,  DDS. Having  taken  his workshop   myself  I know  he  is  a  fine teacher  of Dr. Page’s  work.  I would be very interested  in hearing   from anyone who  knows   a  source   for  the   ‘Page endocrines.’

Dr. Arthur   L. Kaslow,  MD wrote  a book in  1979 called  You can  achieve Freedom  from  Chronic  Disease.  He too had thousands  of patients  from allover the   world.    According   to   personal communication  with one of his sons, Dr. Kaslow    ‘specialized’   in   crippling arthritis,   multiple   sclerosis,  and surprisingly,   deafness.  Apparently   he worked every day right  up to when  he  was struck  down by a virus  in 1991 at the age of78. In his very excellent book, he states:  “Since the early  1950’s  I have been  accumulating   evidence  that nutrition     in  the   central    key  in  the development  and   perpetuation   of chronic illness .. ” Further,  “Our clinical experience  has  shown  that   almost  all seriously   chronic  dysfunctions    of the body  can  be  traced   primarily     to  the activity    of  abnormal     carbohydrate metabolism   or   some   other  food rejectivity,   that   is,  the   ‘Metabolic Rejectivity   Syndrome.’    An  important test  in  the  Kaslow  program   was  the ‘fructose’ tolerance  test.  “Each  patient consumed  approximately   103 grams  of natural carbohydrate  consisting  of three oranges,  six dates and one banana.”  Dr. Kaslow said:  “We use  real  foods that contain  fructose, the natural  fruit sugar, in order to gain a more accurate  picture of the individual’s  responses  to foods as opposed to chemicals.” Another   aspect    of  the    Kaslow program  was  the  monitoring   of white blood    cell   reaction      to   foods.    He elaborates  further: “However, even more important   to our  metabolic  rejectivity hypothesis  is the patient’s  Lymphocyte-count response.”    He  monitored    the Lymphocyte  count  at regular   intervals during  the ‘fructose’ tolerance  test.  The body  in  general   has   two   regulating systems  to monitor glucose  needed  for action  energy;  the  liver  for conversion and assignment   according to need, and the   Pancreaslinsulin   response,     for metabolism  and body tissue  utilization. When both of these do not function  in a balanced   and  complementary  way,  it appears  that  the body begins to identify glucose as an unwanted   substance   and calls  in  the  immune   system,   with  its lymphocytic  scavengers,  to make a final stand.  This response  can occur with any food  that   the  body  considers,    in  its innate  wisdom, as unwanted   foods.
Dr. Kaslow put his patients  on a 48 hr.  distilled  water   fast.   Then   he  had them  eat  only one food at  a time from the   food  list   and   write   down  their reactions  to that  particular   food. In this way he isolated  food intolerances.  There is much more to his program  than  this, including     an  interesting     system   of acupuncture,   but  my point  is that  the problem with carbohydrate  metabolism is once again ‘the common denominator.’ Last but  not least,  we come to E.E. Rogers, MD, to me the most intriguing. He apparently  was   outspoken  and fought  with  the  establishment     all his life. After  numerous   court  battles   his license  was finally  pulled  when he was in  his  seventies.   His book, Biological Medicine – living as it was meant  to be, is truly  fascinating.  He wrote this  book in 1977 when he was 83.  He also treated thousands  of patients from both Canada and  the  U.S,  as well  as  many  foreign countries.   He pulled  no punches.  First two  paragraphs     of the  Preface   read: “Common  sense  tells  one that  there  is no  possibility    that   poisonous   drugs, deadly radiations,  or mutilating  surgery, whatever   apparent   beneficial  effects these modalities  may have, to those who know   no  better,   could   ever   be   the optimal  solution  in real and permanent health    achievement.    Conventional statistics,   showing a rocketing  increase in the degenerative   diseases since about

product  is  high   in  carbohydrate,      and especially   ifit  is a refined   product  such as  most  of our  breakfast    cereals,   and most   of  the   soft   drinks,     it does not matter what protein,   vitamin C, or other1900, which was about the beginning  of these   symptom-treating    technologies which   now  dominate    medicine,   give abundant      confirmation   to  common sense. “Biological medicine,   on the  other hand,  refusing  to accept the thesis  that this failure  is the best that  can be done, turns  to the  omniscience,  omnipotence, and omnipresence  ofthe primal creative mind   and   energy   (in  religious   terms God), represented   here  on earth  by the so-called Natural  Laws, in thousands  of so-called   incurable    diseases,    over   a period of more than  40 years, proved no disease  to be incurable,   only provided it was managed  properly  and in time; and proved   also   that   all  disease   is preventable,   and  that  real  and  perfect health    is   easily    achievable,     again provided  one obeys the  laws before  all has  been wasted by time, by disease, and by destructive   or useless  treatment   of the  symptoms   of disease.”  Dr. Rogers said. , “The scientific   fact  is  that   if  a supposed  health     aid  or necess~ty    it contains;   it is a disease   producer   In the  human  body.”  Also,  “I  knew   that   the digestive   apparatus     of the  human   ~as designed  to metabolize   low, hut not high percentage   carbohydrates.    Thus  grains, organic  or otherwise, though  natural.for fowls,  were  unnatural     for  us,   causing  overwork  on  the  part   of the  liver  and pancreas.    The same applies  to all high percentage        carbohydrates;           hence diabetes,   liver  and gallbladder  disease, cholesterol     problems    etc.”  Dr. Rogers used    low   carbohydrate         vegetables exclusively  for his ‘cleansing’   part  of his program,  because he said, “The human liver  and pancreas     were   designed    to handle   low  percentage    carbohydrates,    therefore   I stick  to that, and this  is one reason    why   my  method    of nutrition works.”  He  also says,  “Remember   that you have  been  conditioned    all your  life to be a glutton,   consuming   far more food than you  need;  that  you have  also been conditioned,     very   early   in life, to  be addicted   to sugar and  to starchy foods.”

And work  his program   certainly   did as Dr. Rogers had  almost unbelievable success   with all  kinds of serious   and often  terminal    conditions.   Before   1940 he had  a whole  T.B.  sanatorium    ‘clean out’  and  all  the  patients    come  to him, when   they   heard    he  had   ‘cured’   two former patients   who had been sent home to die. Cancer   and   multiple    sclerosis were   no  problem    either.    After   World War  II  he  had  some  cases  of  Amoebic dysentery       in former     prisoners       of Japanese     camps,    cases   he  says   “after more  than a year’s  treatment    at Walter Reed  Military Hospital  in Washington, were   medical    failures;     amoebas    still alive   and   flourishing.      My method  of giving  amoebas   and bacteria   of a hostile nature  nothing   to live on,  no  garbage, was successful,  and  every  patient    lost his  amoebas within   a couple  of months. Likewise   allergies,    epilepsy   and   even cystic  fibrosis.”  In  1949 Dr. Rogers  was awarded  a gold medal  “for distinguished service    to  optometry     in  the   field   of human   vision.”  Apparently    two doctors in  Boston  had   acquired     Dr.  Rogers’ earlier book The Philosophy and Science of Health.    They  told him   that    “the results  of their   experiments     with   my methods    had been   really   miraculous. Diseases  such as glaucoma  and cataract, never      curable       before,      had  been completely   cured,  in those  cases  where it was applied    in  time.   Cases   of eye infection  cleared  up in a fraction  of time as  before.”  Adult  onset   diabetes,    even with   older    people   was   ‘no  problem’. Likewise     diseases     such   as asthma, bronchitis, arthritis,   heart    disease, emphysema.       He   also   had   cases    of Leprosy     and   many    other    Tropical diseases   all  responding   equally  well.
Dr. Rogers  used  a ‘proteinoid’   urine test,  the Ellis Mycrodynameter  and the Cameron   Hearlometer    in his  diagnosis! body chemistry   analysis.   Iwould  like  to know  more   about   these   methods    and would  appreciate   hearing   from  anyone who is familiar   with  the  more  technical aspects  of Dr. Rogers’  work.   I’ll end with another  quote  from E.E. Rogers,   MD,  “Medicine  assumes, and leads    you   to  assume,     that    treating disease   or  syrnptoms    is  the best  and most  that    can be  done about   disease; also  that   by studying  disease,  we can somehow     learn    about    health.    This assumption   was   doomed     from    the beginning   to fail, because  it ignores  the laws  of  polarity,  cause and  effect,  and other  laws. One does not achieve  success by treating failure, or by lack  of vision in believing   that  success  is not  possible in    the     first      place.    So,    medical technologies,   though  they involve  much knowledge,   are not  based  upon  truth   or wisdom  in the producing of health.   They are simply  knowledge  misapplied.  The kidney    machine,     the   heart    or  other organ  transplant,  and hundreds   of other technologies, would  never  be required, if the laws of health  were applied  in any reasonable   time.  This  has  been  proven, scientifically  and conclusively,  by myself and  by  others.   It  is  obvious   why  this scientific evidence has been suppressed.”

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almost exclusively    carbohydrate     in content such as rice, wheat  and potatoes will cause obesity and cause a metabolic imbalance…” Processed  carbohydrates present      an    altogether       different situation.    These   include   all  the  food products rich in added sugar or prepared in  a  way  that   has  dissipated   a large proportion  of other  essential  nutrients. Processed carbohydrates   consist of such foods as polished rice, white flour  and a variety  of substances   made from them. They can almost be branded  as legalized poisons. The best use white flour can be put   to  is   as   a   paste     for  hanging wallpaper.    Excessive   consumption   of refined  or  processed   carbohydrates    is the  major  cause   of a broad   group  of neuroses and a great number of’physical illnesses. “