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MAXWELL-GALVAN MEDICAL and DENTAL Victor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Dental Field and is also fluently bilingual, his English is perfect. We will be providing top notch Dental…

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Pain Elimination

You may have tried everything except NEURAL, INTRANEURAL OR PROLOTHERAPY, which often provide instant pain relief, increased motion and return of function for problems not able to be helped by any other method…

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Dr. Curt Maxwell is a New Zealander, U.S. and Canadian trained, practicing in Mexico since 1993. He has more than forty years experience in the treatment of Pain, Dysfunction and Health Restoration. He has degrees/diplomas in Medicine…

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A cover to cover search of the January 2005 issue, which, as stated on the front cover, is supposed to focus on Chronic Pain Management, failed to find any…Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients,..

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What Client's Says?
Greg Wolf, Ojai, California
I first met Dr. Maxwell in Cabo San Lucas 6 years ago when we were vacationing there and my back went out. I was initially apprehensive to receive injections in my lower back but I received almost instant relief. I have been pain free for six years now. Recently I began to experience the same lower back pain. I have spent $4,000 going to four different doctors. I have received X rays, MRI’s, cortizone shots and epidurals, all of which have not stopped the pain. The Codeine and Flexoral that the U.S. Doctors prescribe give me pounding ...
Cheryl R. Shook, Yuma, AZ.
Dear Dr. Maxwell, I am writing to let you know the treatment ( One treatment) I got in your office has turned out . It is unbelievable how the pain has just disappeared, after months and months of the therapy and Chiropractic treatments I am finally PAIN FREE . I would liken this treatment to a miracle. Once again, many thanks to you and be advised that I will send friends and relatives your way if they ever need treatment for any kind of pain. Nov. 11 follow up. I am still doing great!!! It’s such a ...
Michelle Van Horn
Dr. Maxwell made all the pain in my feet go away with just one time visit. I went to the foot Doctor in Yuma, Arizona. They gave me cortizone shots and the pain was back the next day. Thanks to Doctor Maxwell I have no more pain in my feet and will have no surgery.
J.R. Ross
My name is J.R Ross from Palm Springs, California. I was in an auto accident in 1998 which resulted in a very painful lower back injury. After over 60 therapy sessions and a series of Aristospan shots at a cost of over 12,000 dollars and all of this was to no avail. I was still in misery and pain. One day while in Algodones I saw Dr. Maxwell’s office and ventured in and to my bewilderment the needle injection and therapy worked wonders like a faith healing. I am a new man. I have been back twice ...
Frank Reynolds
My name is Frank Reynolds from Sherwood Park Alberta, Canada. I came down for a holiday in 1998. I was visiting a Dentist and noticed your sign. Since I had seen a Chiropractor every month I dropped in. I was having trouble with my lower back. Dr. Maxwell gave me a shot and worked on my back. Since then I have had no trouble with my back and haven’t visited a Chiropractor since. Thank you very much.
Peggy White
My name is Peggy White from Minnesota. I came to Dr. Maxwell with bad back and sciatic nerve on both sides. I had not slept a full night in about 8 years. I woke up in pain every night about every two hours from my legs jumping. Also with pain in my hips and lower back. I came to this miracle man, Dr. Maxwell, scared and unsure he could really do anything. My first visit I had 23 shots in my hips and back. As soon as I got off his table I bent over ...
Harold Palmer
My name is Harold Palmer from Camrose, Alberta. I had surgery on my right knee three years ago and have had pain everyday since. After two visits with Dr. Curt Maxwell I am pain free and can run again. Thank you Dr. Maxwell for caring and knowing your job. Thanks again. Kindest regards.
Elsie David
I had neck problems for years and had treatment from all sorts of Doctors. Then I come to Dr. Maxwell. After one treatment I have had no problems or pain . Thank you Dr. Maxwell. You’re the greatest.
Louisa L. Williams, D.C., N.D.
With the help of German Doctors like Dietrich Klinghardt, neural therapy is slowly becoming recognized by knowledgeable cutting edge U.S. practitioners.
Robert C. Atkins, M.D.
The most successful treatment that we have at the Atkins Center for Complimentary Medicine for chronic pain and sports injuries is Prolotherapy